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ETH Globe


The eyes have it - ETH globe features an article about Ophthorobotics and illustrates how science can change the future.

Read more.

BBC Health Check

Listen to the radio! BBC Health Check talks about Ophthorobotics and how an automated injection may benefit patients and surgeons.

Listen here (Minutes 11:15 to 17:20).

Karger Kompass Ophthalmologie

The Karger Kompass Ophthalmologie features and interview with Franziska Ullrich about the future of eye injections. Read more.

The team is growing!

We warmly welcome Roman Ratnaweera in the Ophthorobotics team. As CTO he is responsible for product development. 

Trendtage Gesundheit

Talk to us at the Trendtage Gesundheit Luzern, where Franziska Ullrich will be presenting about innovative medical robotics for today and tomorrow. Read more.

Product Design

We have published our new product design! The new design focuses on efficient usability for medical staff and a comfortable injection environment for the patient.

Venture Kick Funding II

Ophthorobotics also passes the second phase at Venture Kick and is selected for continued funding by a highly professional jury of entrepreneurs and investors.


Ophthorobotics is featured on this week's title page of the Handelszeitung. Read more.